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Name :   Roy, Suzette, Josh and Haley Schonberg
Your message :   Hi Ken. Congratulations to you and Sarah on your engagement. Suzette and I are both very happy for you. We have come along way from walking to Newstead school together. All of our best. Roy, Suzette, Josh and Haley
Name :   Jonas
Your message :   Congratulations, Sarah!
Name :   cardozos
Your message :   mazeltov mazeltov mazeltov---we are so delighted and wish you a wonderful future together
Name :   Toodie and Frank
Your message :   Congratulations Sarah and Ken. Sarah, your parent�s premonition on the timing of your announcement was correct so they can relax and rejoice at the wonderful news of your coming marriage to Ken. We wish you and Ken all the best. Toodie and Frank
Name :   tom rose
Your message :   Congratulations, and take care of each other...
Name :   Ginny & David Bueide
Your message :   Ahhhh...Love - Sweet Love... Sarah deserves the best of men - When an alien & Penquin align - Look out World! Congratulations. Best of the Best Wishes to You All Ginny & David
Name :   Tema and Ken Javerbaum
Your message :   A thousand mazel tovs!!! Our family is absolutely thrilled for you both and Ken and I look forward to meeting Sarah at the wedding, if not before. (As we told Estelle and Joel, we plan to be there whether or not were invited!!!) Who woudda thunk that a pe
Name :   Tina Wells
Your message :   CONGRATULATIONS! And Best Wishes from the Great Pumpkin in Michigan
Name :   doc
Your message :   Sorry. Your family has two Luddites in it. This one completely missed the want to learn more Mazel Tov. Your Mother has been waiting to break out the dress.
Name :   Dan
Your message :   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name :   Maggie W -- aka Zoe
Your message :   congrats!!! wow !!!!cool!!! so where are the alien and the penguin going to for their honeymoon?
Name :   Anders Winroth
Your message :   Way to go Sarah! Mazel tov! (And way to go, Ken, penguin, and alien, too, although I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting). Best of luck from your granne from 528 RSD.
Name :   Elliott & Lee Schonberg
Your message :   We are delighted with your news- fusion for a disCERNing couple.Look forward to meeting Sarah
Name :   Suzy Pederson
Your message :   Hi Sarah! I just spoke with Erwin and he led me to this site. Congratulations to you and Ken. I love your friends......
Name :   small d deinard
Your message :   audrey is grinning with delight.. or she needs a regime err diaper err regime change. Given the current state of government affairs, all signs pointed to 2006 being another bad/sad year.. But not now! Something to cheer about. THANKS! The union of mar
Name :   Sandy McBride
Your message :   Mazel Tov and congratulations to all. If you need someone to make mints for the wedding, let me know.
Name :   Joan and Gibson
Your message :   What delightful news! We could not be happier for you. Love from Joan and Gib
Name :   Miriam and Adam
Your message :   Mazal Tov!! Keep us posted.
Name :   Rebecca & Chris Pfeiffer
Your message :   Mazal Tov! We are very happy for you both and wish you the best!

Name :   Susana Gluck
Your message :   Mom Miriam made me go to your site and I did, reluctantly, not knowing what I was in for. Now I am grinning and delighted. Best of best!
Name :   malcom
Your message :   WOW!! Congratulations. Im very excited for both of you. The only thing that could be more exciting is if you want to buy a couple hundred A Situation discs for the place settings for your wedding guests. Now, that would be sweet. : ) Really, Congratulati
Name :   Gail Bowers
Your message :   Mazel tov! Kenny, do you have any idea how happy you have made your Mom? I love your web site. Best wishes for a long and happy marriage. Gail and Ed
Name :   Ladette
Your message :   Barb forwarded your message. Congratulations to your friends the penguin and the alien! Oh, and congratulations to the two of you as well. All best wishes for a happy life together, Ladette
Name :   Ann & Felix Phillips
Your message :   Thrilled for the alien and the penguin. Oh, and for you too! Congratulations, best wishes and much happiness. Love, ann & felix
Name :   Jane and Bob Weiss
Your message :   How wonderful - we send love and congratulations!!
Name :   Tamara
Your message :   Aliens and penguins. Medievalists and physicists. Who knew? Probably a better choice than penguin/medievalist and alien/physicist couples, though. Wow, congrats!!
Name :   Helene Burton Kaplan
Your message :   Theres a song in my heart tonite: K Sarahhh sera -- and happily, we KEN look forward to August, when K & S will be wed. That was one heckofa way to ring in the New Year. Best wishes to you and your families
Name :   Irene
Your message :   MAZELTOV! FELICITACIONES! WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS! I am very happy for you 2... I mean... 4!!! Luv! Irene
Name :   Jane and Mike
Your message :   This is wonderful news! The best of 2006. Congratulations. We send enormous amounts of love.
Name :   Ally Gwin
Your message :   Conflatable inflatables! How lovely it is! Congratulations from one of your own.
Name :   Jeff Davis
Your message :   Congratulations on your engagement. Looking forward to your wedding in August.
Name :   Hilda Raz
Your message :   So many congratulations and best wishes to you both! Love, Hilda
Name :   Tim
Your message :   You made my day.
Name :   Celia and Hillel
Your message :   Please congratulate the pequin and the alien for us. Gratulations to Sarah and Ken too. When do we get to meet Ken? Receiving this forward from Simma hs made our day!! Love, Celia and Hillel
Name :   Venetria
Your message :   Best Wishes to you both!
Name :   Scott S.
Your message :   Congrats, you two! And to Ken and Sarah as well!
Name :   Mark H.
Your message :   Very exciting news! Congratulations... wishing you many years of happiness. And my dream vacation has always been Nebraska in the summertime. Looking forward to seeing you both.
Name :   Terry Cole
Your message :   Wonderful news!! So nice to hear it...
Name :   Simma, Paul, Eleanor and Hazel
Your message :   YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE. Of course Ken doesnt have the girls stamp of approval yet. We assume that Ken will come for the approval ceremony sometime soon? Seriously, congratulations to you and the inflatables. Were very excited. Love from us.
Name :   Andre & Claire
Your message :   Felicitations !!! Vous allez vous marier avant nous du coup ;-) See you soon at the wedding!
Name :   Jordan
Your message :   Hey Ken and Sarah, Best wishes for many happy, healthy, and prosperous years together. I came very late into this whole relationship thing and the past eight years with David have been a wonderful journey for me. Sounds kind of trite, but its true. I
Name :   Andy Cole
Your message :   Ironically, Ive always said, For every alien in this world, theres a special penguin! Congratulations, Boomer and fiancee of Boomer! Im writing to you from our little hamlet of Simsbury, CT, where I am teaching (still 5th grade) and where were raising
Name :   The Feingolds
Your message :   Holy cow....we had an inkling. This is wonderful. Mazel Tov! We assume its a double ceremony. Must all gifts be inflatable? Love and best of everything from The Feingolds.
Name :   Uncle Alan & Aunt Marlene
Your message :   Very Very Very Happy news. Excited for the both of you.We cant wait to go to Lincoln in August,leaving the hurricanes and heading for the tornados. Looking forward to meeting you Sarah. Again the best of luck to both of you.
Name :   Mom and Dad Bloom
Your message :   This is the news weve been hoping for since we met Sarah and saw how much you love each other. We are delighted! Can it get any better than this?
Name :   Amos the lesser
Your message :   Congratulations! Happy happy joy joy! I cant wait and know that somewhere there is a mom (hi mom!) looking into re-booking (yes, I sad rebooking) a mariachi band. Congratulations.
Name :   Willis
Your message :   My darling (and friends), this is the best news Ive had in ages. Mazal tov!@!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoW
Name :   Allie N.
Your message :   Hey Greenie! Mazel Tov, cousin! and Welcome to the family, Penguin!
Name :   Ryan, Serene, & Elijah
Your message :   Dear Ken and Sarah, Congratulations! We are so excited for you - Ken, I told you that Mrs. Right would come along soon! You are both very lucky - well, at least you are, Ken! Sorry that we couldnt get together this time - we are definitely thrilled for y
Name :   Lobo
Your message :   Ah, the inspiring March of the Inflatables . . . does this mean Kens devotion rivals that of the penguin? I suspect it does. Seriously . . . congratulations! Heres to many parties in your honor!
Name :   Aunt Reva and Uncle Irwin
Your message :   Congratulations!! It was wonderful to see you both today. We are very happy and excited for both of you and are looking forward to your wedding in August. It goes without saying how happy you made your grandma today!! Lots of love, Aunt Reva and Uncle I
Name :   Amy Horowitz
Your message :   Ken and Sarah: CONGRATULATIONS!! Im so excited for the two of you - wishing you a wonderful life of health and happiness together. Love, Amy
Name :   Rich Patrick
Your message :   WooooooooHoooooo!! Congrats!
Name :   Jean
Your message :   What an awesome way to announce your good news -- had me laughing at 9am, which for me is a miracle!! I am completely, totally, blissfully happy for you. And I can give lots of guidance on wedding planning should you need it. Lots and lots of love, Je
Name :   Mike W
Your message :   Who can resist a cross-species double wedding! Congratulations Sarah and Ken, thing 1 and thing 2.
Name :   Auntie Ruth & Uncle Jack
Your message :   Mazel Tov!!! We are thrilled that were going to have a goddaughter as well as a godson. Hope you both come to Florida to visit soon. Love & hugs.
Name :   Dan
Your message :   CONGRATULATIONS!!! Of course we all knew Kens coming to Nebraska was fated!
Name :   SHIREEN
Your message :   Oh my gosh! What terrific news! We are so excited! Wait till I tell the kids.
Name :   kellie and mike
Your message :   hip hip hooray for (interplanetary) interspecies love affairs! its like march of the penguins to Roswell...we cant wait to show up for the wedding. just tell us when and where and well bring our inflatable dinosaur. xxoo
Name :   Fiona
Your message :   Congratulations! Heres hoping that the penguin and the alien will feature at Sarah and Kens wedding! Ken, I look forward to meeting you. Love and best wishes from Fiona (oh, and from Tim and Declan and Eoin too).
Name :   Julie
Your message :   Omedeto! Congratulations! This is the best news of 2006. Im so happy for you and looking forward to celebrating soon. BIG HUGS!
Name :   ruth
Your message :   awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I knew it all along: btw I think the inflatable dolls owe me some rubber chickens!
Name :   Blair
Your message :   Congratulations! We look forward to meeting the alien (and, of course, Sarah).
Name :   David Gerdes
Your message :   I have been hoping for this announcement. Im delighted for all four of you! Congratulations and see you at the wedding!
Name :   Melinda
Your message :   Heres wishing you continued heath and happiness! Congratulations.
Name :   E.W. Penguin
Your message :   I am very pleased that my cousin the penguin is getting married, and Im looking forward to welcoming the alien into the penguin family. But tell me -- who are Ken and Sarah?
Name :   Bob Evnen
Your message :   How absolutely wonderful. Thank you for this great news. Mazel Tov!
Name :   Towering T
Your message :   This is the best news ever!! We are so thrilled and think Ken will make an awesome Kelen. Have a romantic engagement weekend in NYC!!
Name :   Ro Honey
Your message :   HUGE CONGRATS GUYS! We thought something might be up :-) xo ro
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